2016 Internship

The Foundation is proud to announce our new Fall 2016 Intern at KTVK 3TV – KPHO CBS 5!

Jeff DeAvila

Jeff DeAvila was recently hired as the Foundation’s sixth Fall intern at KTVK-KPHO, Phoenix, Arizona. Jeff is currently attending Arizona State University for Filmmaking Practices and is interested in developing journalistic approaches that can translate over to documentary filmmaking. During the last four years, he has been heavily involved in the behavioral health community and is seeking ways to produce an independent documentary focusing on mental health and the stigmas that face it in society today. Jeff is thrilled to be the Foundation’s latest intern and is a great fan of 3 TV. In particular, he says he is “familiar with 3 TV’s “3 on Your Side” and the care your station takes to help our community. I wish to do the same for the mental health community and hope that this intern position will lead to new ways I can use filmmaking to tell a compelling story.”