Donor List

The Board of Directors would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their generous donations and wonderful support. Their contributions will be used to help deserving students realize their dreams of becoming a photographer or photojournalist like Jim. Thank you for honoring our beloved son, brother and friend.

Barbara and Harold Abegglen, Jr.
Marilyn and Fred Addy
Brandy Aguilar
Emily and David Ahlquist
Barbara and Francis Ainsa*
Lisa Alering
Elda Arellano
Hetty and Way Atmadja *
Austin Country Club – Women’s Golf Association
Drs. Janet and Alfred Azzoni *
Scott Bailey
Melissa and Randy Baker, in honor of Ronda von Sehrwald on her birthday
Ballet Austin Guild
Janet M. Bates, in celebration of upcoming travels with good friends and taking lots of pictures! *
Jan Beasley, in memory of Earle Beasley and Cooper Beasley*
Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Beels, in memory of Paul Beels*
Erin Bell
Marsha and Richard Bell
Bellarmine Jesuit Community
Belo Corporation *
Stephen Bishop
Brooks Blanton *
Steve Bodinet, in celebration of knowing & working with my friend, Jimmy Cox *
Cheryl Booth
Thomas P. Borders *
Floyd and Lois Bowen
Leslie and Rusty Bowerbank *
Patricia Waterman Bradford
Joan and Jim Brady, in celebration of James Alan Cox *
Irene Branson *
Sandy Breland
Anne Brennan and Greg Hooser, in memory of Russ Brennan, Sharon Hooser and Jim Cox *
Barbara and Paul Brief *
Diane L. Brisnehan *
Jean, Doug, Spencer, Ryan and Alex Brown *
Lisa Walters Brown
Pei-San and Daniel Brown *
Cynthia and Robert Burington *
Ann and Eddie Burns *
Max Busby
Marie and Nat Busi *
Natallie Busi
Kenneth Busi and Family
Lou and Karen Cannatti
Roy Capaldo
Annette Carlozzi and Dan Bullock
Carolyn and Gordon Carlson *
Judith and Terence Casey *
Brad Cesmat
Jami Champagne
Norma Chapa
Susan Charney
Susan Chen
Portia Chiarella
The Christi Center Moms, in honor of Barbara’s 80th Birthday
Kate and Larry Clarkson and Family
Elaine Cleveland
Ellen and Michael Clowes *
Amy Bowerbank Cocreham *
Jim Cole
Mike Conlee
Bob Cook *
Margaret and Robert Cotter, in honor of Barbara Cox
Barbara and Alan Cox *
Jennifer Cox *
Leslie Cox and Duane Sanford *
Susan and Don Cox, in memory of James Alan Cox and Christi Lanahan *
Debbie and Tim Crowley
Lee and Jim Cunningham, in memory of Kathleen Cunningham *
Mr. and Mrs. David Daniel
Jane Davidson, in memory of James *
Scott Davis
Mary Dengel, in memory of
F.R. Dengel II *
Kathy and Dan DeSimone *
Andres Diaz
Cindy Donner, on behalf of Marcus R. Donner *
Ann and Jim Downing*
Grace and Richard Doyle
Virginia Duke
Judith and Jon Dullnig*
Elaine Dykstra, in memory of Paul Wayne Dykstra
Salem Elia *
Elisabeth M. Ellis
Rose and Carey Epps *
Dana and Peter Erbe
June and David Eriksen *
The Fanucchi Family, in memory of Jim Cox *
Janean Ferguson, in memory of Chrystal Carlson
Cara and Aaron Fox *
Kim and Murray Francois, Francois Photography
Nancy U. Frank, in memory of Frederick S. Frank *
Barry Fulton
Rose Gabriel, Bellisima Builders
Peggy and Gerald Galbraith
Ileana Garcia
Colleen and Richard Gardner
Mary and Herb Gaul *
Danielle Gatewood and Joseph Gill *
Jo and Chuck Gautschy *
Lee and Ned Givens
Marjorie Goldner, in memory of Norman Goldner *
Geoff Gorka, in honor of all who have lost a loved one unexpectedly *
Thomas Gorka *
Jo A. and Billie Jo Graves Family Foundation *
Dorcas Green
Isabelle and Bill Griesmeyer
Teresa Griffin *
Mike Guerrero, in honor of Leslie Cox and all the wonderful work she does
The Haffner Family
Paulette and C.B. Hagar
Rose Marie Hagman *
Carol and Robert Hall *
Bonnie and Denny Hamill, in memory of Holly Hamill*
James Hancock, in honor of Kathleen Hancock *
Edward J. Hanslik
Janet Harris *
Rachel Harris, in honor of the awesome Jim Cox who I worked with at 3TV
Marilyn and William Hartman, in honor of Barbara and Alan Cox *
Lauren Hassel and Family, in celebration of Jim and all those he touched *
Keami and Tyna Lyn Hepburn
Nadyne and Ray Hefner *
Tom Heidinger
Louise Hein
Margaret Henkels *
Margaret S. Herman *
Becky and Richard Herrington *
Milli and Thomas Herrschaft *
Charlie Hickman
Sybil Hoffman
Lester M. Holland, Jr.
Brooke and Joel Howard,
in honor of Barbara Cox *
Diana Howk *
Anita and Jerry Inglis
Nancy and Richard Jennings, in memory of Jim Cox *
Patty Johns *
Claylene Jones *
Jeri and P.T Jones
Joanne and Jerry Joseph
Kimberly Kapilovic *
Jean Katsandres
Lynda (Jody) Kelly, in memory of Gary Kelly, my brother *
Beverly Kidd
Patti Kirkpatrick *
Andrew Kirschbaum, in honor of the Cox Family *
Carol and Jay Kline *
Karen Kolle, in celebration of granddaughter, Kate, headed to Wellesley College fall of 2018*
Daphne Konderla
Constance Kropski
KTVK 3TV, in memory of Jim Cox and Scott Bowerbank *
Engineers and Associate Employees of KTVK/KASW
Phyllis Lacey
Karen and John Langdon *
Erin Lange
Kenneth Latham *
Michelle Lawless
Lina Husodo and James Linville *
Martie Jean Linville
Beata Liszka
Jennifer Long
Susie and Michael Lynch
Diane & Ron Mahan,
in memory of Jimmy *
Anne and Arthur Maple, Jr., in memory of James Alan Cox *
Karen Martin, Karen Martin Photography
Todd Martin
Jennene and Ray Mashburn
Gail Mazur *
Traci and Steve Mazur *
Tom Mazur *
Beth A. McDonald, in celebration of more great photogs! *
Marianne McDonald and Hal Hailey, in memory of Dylan Graves and Jimmy Cox *
Mary and David McDonald and family
Laura and Mark McGinnity
Caroline McGroder
Patrick J. McGroder III
Myrtle and Anthony Melli
The Meredith Corporation
Patricia J. Metzler *
Randolph W. Meyer *
Patti and Mike Meyers *
Heather Moore
James S. Moore
Janice Moore
Janey and Michael Moore
Catherine and John Moragné, in memory of Amandio Silva
Susan Morehead and Sinclair Black
Chris Morice *
Anna and Richard Morice and Family *
Judy A. Morris *
Annette Morriss, in memory of Jim Morriss *
Stephanie Neal
Jerry Nickens in memory of Beverly Nickens *
Jeanne Nix
Karen and Bruce Northcutt
Jackie Ober
Kris and Rich O’Brien, in celebration of the Cox Family *
Mary and Charles O’Connell *
Luis Olivas
Laura Palmisano, in celebration of James and his family
Ann Parker
Jane and Howard W. Parker, in memory of James Alan Cox *
Jessica and Jeffrey Parsons
Glenda and Charles Patterson
Edith K. Payne *
Jeff and Mary Beth Payne
David Peña *
Mary E. Pendleton
Santo and Jane Perrino
Justin, Marilyn and Richard Perry
Pete Peterson
Darla and Albert Pilon, in memory of James Alan Cox *
Donna and Vito Pinto, in loving memory of Marie and Nat Busi*
Maria Piombo *
Barbara and Roy Poth, in Honor of Barbara & Alan Cox’s 50th Wedding Anniversary *
Potts + Blacklock, PLLC
Shirley Prud’homme
Nancy and James Raper *
Sandi and Larry Rebecek, in memory of your sweet son, Jim *
Michelle Reynolds-Ricart, West Coast Plumbing & Air *
Pamela Robbins, in memory of Cheryl Robbins Laing *
David Romm
Christie Roshau
Carol and Gordon Ross *
Ann and David Rouse
Terri and Ron Rumin
Ann and Tom Russell, in honor of The Christi Center *
Lucille Ryan
Emy Lou Sawyer, in in celebration of Drew G. Sawyer and David Gamble *
Rex and LuAnne Sawyer, in celebration of Barbara’s success on the Camino de Santiago *
Maggie Sciacca
Jon, Yvette and Kyle Schultz *
Mo Scollan and Peter Dick
O.V. Scott, in memory, honor and celebration of Frances W. Scott *
Lou and Dave Seideman, in memory of Charlie Seideman
Joan and Lindsay Sharpe, in memory, honor, and celebration of James Alan Cox
Marilyn and Harold Sharratt *
Mark Sheridan
Mary and Jimmy Shields *
Marilyn and Charles Shipe *
Mike Smith
Robin and Kim Smith, in memory of Jim *
Paulette Sonner
Patty Soule
Jen Spantak
Speedworld RC Flyers *
J Stanford Spence, in memory of Diane Spence *
Carol and Dan Stanton *
Suzanne and Steve Stratton
Beverly Straub and John Rogers *
Sheila and Scott Stricker, in celebration of David West’s birthday *
Roberta Sumner
Kelly Taft
Jeanne Talerico
Dorothy and Conway Taylor, in memory of Jimmy and Charlie Muller *
Jacqueline and Alan Taylor
Kathy and Randy Taylor *
Sandy, Julie and Michael Timte, in celebration of Jennifer Cox *
J. David and Joan Torpie
Susan Trammell, in memory of Dee Ann Cornelius and Tommy Trammell *
Karen and Larry Turner *
Nicole and Tyson Tuttle and Family *
Marjory Van Houten
Jeanne Vier *
Tammy Vo
Katherine von Alt *
Ronda, Frank & Anton von Sehrwald *
Deana Ward
Vivienne and Bill Wardle
Mike Watkiss
Francine and John Webb
Fiona and Evan Weisman *
Kathleen and Calvin Westcott, in celebration of Jimmy Cox *
Sandra and John White
Bonnie and John Williamson *
Cornelia and Lloyd Wilson *
Elise and Robert Wilson
The Sam and Sonia Wilson Family Foundation *
Rebecca Witter
Brenda and Carson Woodall *
Frances and James Woodrick
Wally Workman, Wally Workman Gallery *
Christine Wotkyns, in memory of Herk Wotkyns
Julie and Erik Zimmerman
* Multiple donations
In-Kind Donors:
Bill Albert, Young Builders Roofing
Arizona Art Supply
Hetty and Way Atmadja
Steve Bodinet
Emily Busi
Barbara and Alan Cox
Leslie Cox and Duane Sanford
Ray Cross
Bob Doherty, Ginny’s Printing
Megan Donovan
Ruta Duhon, Willowbrook Designs
E.J.’s Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gardner
Elizabeth Hawkins
Becky and Richard Herrington
Johnnyo Design
Traci Kuhfuss
R. Mendoza & Company, P.C., Certified Public Accountants
Susan Morehead
Vanessa Paumen
Mary Beth and Jeff Payne
David Pena
O.V. Scott and Family
Shoehorn Design
Diane and Stan Spence
Judy Taylor, Gallery Shoal Creek
Karen and Larry Turner
Nicole and Tyson Tuttle
Murray Walker & Associates, PC
Vivienne and Bill Wardle
Francine and John Webb