2017 Scholarship Recipients

This is the Foundation’s tenth year of providing scholarships to talented high school and college students.

Once again, the Foundation received hundreds of applications from across the country. Along with their portfolio of work, recipients were chosen based on several criteria, including financial need, an essay, letters of reference and their school transcript.

The Foundation’s guest judges this year were, once again, Steve Bodinet, formerly of KTVK-KPHO, Channel 3, Phoenix and Elise Wilson, of Aspen PRO Media, Arizona.

High School:

Five high school students each received a Nikon D3400 camera with lenses, carrying case and memory card.

Sam Adams Photo Sample

Sam Adams
Pinecrest Academy
Cumming, Georgia

Hannah Mohr Photo Sample

Hannah Mohr
Stony Point High School
Round Rock, Texas

Shumesa Mohsin Photo Sample

Shumesa Mohsin
Tokay High School
Lodi, California

Jose Romero Photo Sample

Jose Romero
Lexington High School
Lexington, Nebraska

Riley Trujillo Photo Sample

Riley Trujillo
Fruita Monument High School
Fruita, Colorado


Six college students each received a $2,500 scholarship, payable to their school. (The Foundation normally gives out five college scholarships per year but this year, due to the many talented entries received, decided to award an additional scholarship.)

Still Photography Winner
Gabriel Stephen Scarlett Photo Sample

Gabriel Stephen Scarlett
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Video Winners

Jordan Elder Video Sample

Jordan Elder
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

Nevin Fowler Video Sample

Nevin Fowler
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado

Samie Gebers Video Sample

Samie Gebers
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

Bo Lamb Video Sample

Bo Lamb
Utah State University
Logan, Utah

Anna Muckerman Video Sample

Anna Muckerman
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

Graduate Student:

One graduate student received a $2,500 scholarship, payable to her school.

Adriana De Alba Video Sample

Adriana De Alba
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona